climb the mountain
rubbio, vicenza


feast of the transfiguration of the lord.

climb today with me up the mountain of my peace, beloved children.

climb up the mountain of salvation and of prayer, of purity and of holiness, of docility and of meekness, of humility, of littleness and of your ever more perfect charity.

climb up the holy mountain of your personal transfiguration, through an ever increasing conformation of yourselves to the divine humanity of my son jesus, through a filial abandonment to the love of the heavenly father and through a daily docility to the purifying action of the holy spirit.

thus you yourselves will be able to benefit from the gift of a complete transformation, in the glorious fight of christ who, in you and through you, wishes to manifest himself in a greater way, in these times, in order to renew the whole world with the power of his merciful love.

on this holy mountain, you will also feel the extraordinary presence and the special action of your heavenly mother, who wants every day to transform you into the very person of jesus, so that you may become today a powerful witness of his love for you.

here i am gently preparing you for the painful moments of the cross and of martyrdom.

for you also, the days of abandonment, of agony and of immolation have already come.

the great events which i have foretold to you during these years have arrived.

soon you will all be called to your most painful witnessing, and then you will be able to become, for all, the rays of light which come forth from my immaculate heart to reach every part of the world, in order to cast light upon the dark moments through which you are already about to live.

thus you will assist my motherly plan, which is that of cooperating in the fulfilment of the greatest miracle of the merciful love of jesus, who is even now about to pour out rivers of fire and of grace upon the world.