mother of the eucharist
rubbio, vicenza


after the recitation of the holy rosary, message given orally.

beloved sons, how my heart is filled with joy at seeing you here, on a priestly pilgrimage of adoration, love, reparation and thanksgiving to jesus, my son and my god, present in the eucharist, in order to console him for so much emptiness, so much ingratitude, so much indifference with which he is surrounded in his real presence of love in an the tabernacles of the earth, on the part of so many of my tabernacles of the earth, on the part of so many of my children, particularly on the part of many sons of predilection, the priests.

thank you for the joy which you give to the heart of jesus, who smiles on you with delight, while trembling with tenderness for you.

thank you for the joy which you give to the deep sorrow of the immaculate heart of your heavenly mother.

i am the mother of the most holy sacrament.

this i became with my ‘yes’ because, at the moment of the incarnation, i made it possible for the word of the father to plant himself in my virginal womb and, although i am also truly mother of god, because jesus is truly god, my cooperation yet took the specific form, above all, of giving the word his human nature, which allowed him, the second person of the most holy trinity, the son co eternal with the father, to become in time also man, truly your brother.

through his assumption of human nature, it was possible for him to carry out the work of the redemption.

as i am the mother of the incarnation, i am also mother of the redemption, a redemption which was carried out from the moment of the incarnation right up to the moment of his death on the cross where, through his assumed humanity, jesus was able to carry out that which was not possible for him to do as god, to suffer, to endure, to die, offering himself as a perfect ransom to the father and giving a worthy and just reparation to his justice.

truly he has suffered for you all, redeeming you from sin and opening up to you the possibility of receiving that divine life which was lost to all men at the moment of the first sin committed by our first parents.

look at jesus as he loves, works, prays, suffers, sacrifices himself, from his descent into my virginal womb until his ascent onto the cross in that perennial priestly action of his, in order to understand how i am, above all, the mother of jesus the priest.

i am therefore also truly mother of the most holy eucharist, not because i still generate him to this mysterious reality on the altar.

this is a task reserved for you alone, my sons of predilection.

it is however a task which assimilates you very much to my motherly task because you too, during the holy mass and through the words of consecration, truly generate my son.

for me, it was the cold manger in a poor and bare cave which received him for you, it is now the cold stone of an altar which welcomes him, but you too, like me, generate my son.

for this reason, you cannot be anything other than sons of a special, indeed most special predilection on the part of her who is the mother, truly the mother of her son jesus.

but i am also truly mother of the eucharist, because jesus becomes really present at the moment of the consecration, through your priestly action.

with your human consent to the powerful action of the spirit, who transforms the matter of bread and wine into the body and blood of christ, you make this new and real presence of his among you possible for him, and he becomes present in order to continue the work of the incarnation and the redemption and to accomplish in mystery the sacrifice of calvary, which he was able to offer to the father because of his human nature, assumed with the body which i gave him.

in this way, in the eucharist, jesus becomes present with his divinity and his glorious body, that body given to him by your heavenly mother, truly the body born of the virgin mary.

sons, his is a glorious body, but it is not a different one, that is, we are not speaking of his having a new birth.

it is in fact the same body which i gave him born in bethlehem, died on calvary, placed in the sepulchre and risen from there, but yet assuming a new form, his divine form, that of glory.

in paradise, jesus with his glorious body remains the son of mary.

in this way, he whom, with his divinity, you generate at the moment of the eucharistic consecration, is always the son of mary.

therefore, i am mother of the eucharist and, as mother, i am always at my son’s side.

i was so on this earth i am now so in paradise, through the privilege of my bodily assumption into heaven i am also where jesus is present, in every tabernacle on the earth.

just as his glorious body, being outside the limitations of time and space, allows him to be here before you in the tabernacle of this little mountain church, but, at the same time, allows him to be present in all the tabernacles scattered in every part of the world, so your heavenly mother, with her glorious body which allows her to be here and everywhere, is truly beside every tabernacle where jesus is kept.

my immaculate heart offers him a living, throbbing, motherly tabernacle of love, adoration, thanksgiving and unceasing reparation.

i am the joyful mother of the eucharist.

you know, beloved sons, that where the son is, there is also the father and the holy spirit.

just as, in the glory of paradise, jesus is seated at the right hand of the father, in intimate union with the holy spirit, so also, when called upon by you, he becomes present in the eucharist and is placed for safe keeping in the tabernacle surrounded by my motherly heart, there is always beside the son the real presence of the father, the real presence of the holy spirit, there is always the divine and most holy trinity.

but, as happens in paradise, so also beside every tabernacle, there is also the ecstatic and joyful presence of your heavenly mother.

then there are all the angels, arrayed in their nine choirs of light, to sing the omnipotence of the most holy trinity, with different modulations of harmonies and glory, as if to cause his great and divine power to shine forth at different levels.

about the angelic choirs, there are all the saints and blessed ones, who receive a continuous increase of their eternal and ever greater beatitude from the light, love, unceasing joy and immense glory which streams from the most holy trinity.

to this height of paradise there also arises the deep sighs, the purifying sufferings and the unceasing prayer of all the souls in purgatory.

they tend towards it with a desire and a charity which becomes increasingly great, whose perfection is in proportion to their progressive liberation from every debt incurred through their weakness and their faults, until the moment in which, perfectly renewed by love, they can be associated with the heavenly song which is formed about the most holy and divine trinity, which is in paradise and

within every tabernacle where jesus is present, even in the most remote and scattered regions of the earth.

for this reason, at the side of jesus, i am the joyful mother of the eucharist.

i am the sorrowful mother of the eucharist.

to the church triumphant and suffering, which throbs around the centre of love, which is jesus in the eucharist, there should also be gathered the church militant all of you should be gathered, my beloved sons, religious and faithful, in order to form, with paradise and purgatory, an unceasing hymn of adoration and praise.

instead, today jesus in the tabernacle is surrounded by so much emptiness, so much abandonment, so much ingratitude.

these times were foretold by me at fatima, through the voice of the angel, who appeared to the children, to whom he taught this prayer,

‘most holy trinity, father, son, holy spirit, i adore you profoundly, i offer you the most precious body, blood, soul and divinity of our lord jesus christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference with which he is surrounded.’

this prayer was taught for these times in which you live.

today, jesus is surrounded by emptiness, which is particularly formed by you priests who, in your apostolic action, go uselessly about, and very much on the edge of things, going after things of lesser and more secondary importance, forgetting that the centre of your priestly day must be here, before the tabernacle, where jesus is present and is kept above all for you.

he is surrounded also with indifference by so many of my children, who live as if he were not there and, when they go into a church for the liturgical occasions, have no regard for his divine and real presence among you.

jesus in the eucharist gets placed in a remote corner, while he should be placed at the centre of the church, should be placed at the centre of your ecclesial gatherings, because the church is his temple which was constructed first for him and then for you.

my motherly heart suffers bitterness at the way in which jesus, present in the tabernacle, is treated in so many churches, where he is placed in a corner, as if he were any old object to be used for your ecclesial gatherings.

but above all it is the sacrileges which today form a painful crown of thorns about my immaculate heart.

there are so many communions and so many sacrileges committed in these times.

it can be said that now there is no eucharistic celebration where sacrilegious communions are not made.

if you could only see with my eyes how great this wound is, which has contaminated the whole church and is paralysing it, bringing it to a halt, making it impure and so very sick.

if you could only see with my eyes, you too would shed many tears with me.

then my beloved ones and sons consecrated to my heart, you must be today a powerful call for the complete return of the whole church militant to jesus present in the eucharist.

because it is only there that there is the fountain of living water, which will purify its aridity and will renew the desert to which it has been reduced.

only there is the secret of life, which will open up for it a second pentecost of grace and light.

only there is to be found the fountain of its renewed holiness, jesus in the eucharist.

it is not your pastoral plans and your discussions, it is not the human means in which you place your trust and so much security, but it is only jesus in the eucharist who will give the entire church the strength for a complete renewal which win bring it to be poor, evangelical, chaste, stripped of all the supports in which it trusts, holy, beautiful, without stain and spot, in imitation of your heavenly mother.

i desire that this message of mine be made public and included among those contained in my book.

it is my desire that it be spread throughout the world, because i am calling you today from every part of the world to be a crown of love, adoration, thanksgiving and reparation on the immaculate heart of her who is truly the mother, the joyful mother, but also the so sorrowful mother, of the most holy eucharist.

i bless you in the name of the father, of the son and of the holy spirit.