you will give peace of heart
the assumption of mary into heaven
bagni di tivoli, roma


look at your heavenly mother, assumed into the glory of paradise, even with her body.

today i am causing a shower of graces to fall upon you all, my children.

the light from my glorious body is shining on you and pointing out to you the road you must follow.

it is that of purity, of love, of prayer, of suffering, of holiness.

it is that of a life united intimately to jesus.

thus you also, even while living on this earth, can be illumined and surrounded by the fight which is shining up here in paradise.

the light from my glorious body is shining for you with increasing strength, especially in these very difficult and painful times, in order to console you and encourage you in all your daily difficulties.

today you are being called to eve through the bloody hours of the purification, because the great events which i have foretold to you during these years are already upon you, and so you have need of my motherly consolation in order not to become discouraged.

look to paradise where your heavenly mother has been assumed in body and soul, and you will be consoled by me.

live, with heart and soul, in paradise, where jesus has already prepared a place for each one of you, and nothing will disturb your peace.

the light from my glorious body will draw you in the wake of my most exquisite fragrance.

it is the fragrance of all the virtues which have adorned the garden of my earthly existence.

it is the celestial aroma of all my immaculate beauty.

today i want to sprinkle you all with the exquisite fragrance of purity, of humility, of simplicity, of silence, of prayer, of docility, of obedience, of contemplation.

then you too will spread the heavenly fragrance of your immaculate mother, and thus you will give peace of heart to all and you will become today instruments of my peace.

because you are the beloved children of your mother, assumed into the glory of heaven and who, in these times, desires to be invoked by all as queen of peace.