mother of adoration and reparation
the liturgical memorial of saint pius x
rubbio, vicenza


during the recital of the holy rosary, message given orally.

beloved sons, i am happy that you came up here, like little children who allow themselves to be carried in my motherly arms.

become ever more little, docile, pure, simple, abandoned and faithful.

how great is the joy that my motherly heart feels when i can carry you all, as a precious and perfumed homage, to offer to my son jesus, truly present in the sacrament of the eucharist.

i am the mother of adoration and reparation.

beside every tabernacle on earth there is always my motherly presence.

it forms a new and loving tabernacle for the solitary presence of my son jesus.

it builds up a garden of love for his perennial dwelling among you.

it forms a heavenly harmony which surrounds him with all the delight of paradise in the adoring choirs of angels, in the blessed prayer of the saints, in the suffering longing of so many souls who are being purified in purgatory.

in my immaculate heart, they all form a concerto of perennial adoration, of unceasing prayer and of profound love for jesus, truly present in every tabernacle on the earth.

today, my motherly heart is saddened and deeply wounded, because i see that, around the divine presence of jesus in the eucharist, there is so much emptiness, so much abandonment, so much neglect, so much silence.

pilgrim and suffering church, whose mother i am, church you who are the family of all my children, ark of the new covenant, people of god, you must understand that the centre of your life, the source of your grace, the source of your light, the principle of your apostolic action, are to be found only here in the tabernacle, where jesus is truly kept.

and jesus is present to teach you to grow, to help you walk, to strengthen you in your witness, to give you courage in evangelisation, to be the support for all your suffering.

pilgrim and suffering church of these times, you who are called to live through the agony of gethsemane and the bloody hour of your calvary, today i want to bring you here with me, prostrate before every tabernacle, in an act of perennial adoration and reparation, so that you too may repeat the gesture which your heavenly mother is always performing.

i am the mother of adoration and reparation.

in the eucharist, jesus is truly present, with his body, with his blood, with his soul and with his divinity.

in the eucharist, jesus christ is truly present, the son of god, that god whom i saw in him at every moment of his earthly life, even if he was hidden beneath the veil of a fragile and weak nature, which developed according to the rhythm of time and of his human growth.

with a continual act of faith in my son jesus, i always saw my god and i would adore him with profound love.

i adored him when he was still enclosed in my virginal womb like a little seed, and i loved him, i nourished him, i gave him growth, giving him my very own blood and my very own flesh.

i adored him after his birth, contemplating him in the manger of a poor and unadorned cave.

i adored my god in the child jesus, in the growing adolescent, in the young man leaning over his daily work, in the messiah who fulfilled his public mission.

i adored him when he was rejected and put aside, when he was betrayed, abandoned by his own people and denied.

i adored him when he was condemned and despised, when he was scourged and crowned with thorns, when he was led to the scaffold and crucified.

i adored him beneath the cross in an act of suffering which no words can tell, and while he was taken to the sepulchre and placed in his tomb.

i adored him after his resurrection when he appeared first of all, to me, in the splendour of his glorious body and in the light of his divinity.

beloved sons, through a miracle of love which you will be able to understand only in paradise, jesus has made you the gift of remaining always in your midst in the eucharist.

in the tabernacle, beneath the veil of the consecrated bread, the very same jesus is kept whom i, the first to do so, saw after the miracle of his resurrection the very same jesus who, in the blaze of his divinity, appeared to the eleven apostles, to many disciples, to the weeping magdalene, to the holy women who had followed him right to the sepulchre.

in the tabernacle, hidden beneath the eucharistic veil, the very same risen jesus is present who appeared also to more than five hundred disciples and struck down the persecutor saul on the road to damascus.

it is the very same jesus who sits at the right hand of the father in the blaze of his glorious body and his divinity, even if, for love of you, he veils himself beneath the white appearance of the consecrated bread.

beloved sons, today you must believe all the more in his presence in the eucharist you must spread, courageously and powerfully, your priestly invitation to everyone to come back to a strong and witnessed faith in the real presence of jesus christ in the eucharist.

you must direct the whole church to come back to being before the tabernacle, with your heavenly mother, in an act of perennial reparation, continuous adoration and unceasing prayer.

your priestly prayer must become entirely a eucharistic prayer.

i am asking that you come back again to making hours of adoration everywhere, before jesus exposed in the most holy sacrament.

i desire that the homage of love for the eucharist should grow and should become manifest also through the visible signs, so meaningful, of your piety.

surround jesus in the eucharist with flowers and lights surround him with delicate attentions approach him with profound gestures of genuflection and adoration.

if only you knew how jesus in the eucharist loves you, how a little gesture of your love fills him with joy and consolation.

jesus pardons so many sacrileges and forgets an infinity of acts of ingratitude in return for a drop of pure, priestly love, which is placed in the chalice of his eucharistic heart.

priests and faithful of my movement go frequently before the tabernacle live before the tabernacle pray before the tabernacle.

let yours be a perennial prayer of adoration, intercession, thanksgiving and reparation.

let yours be a prayer which is united to the heavenly song of the angels and saints, to the ardent imploring of the souls who are still being purified in purgatory.

let yours be a prayer which gathers up the voices of the whole of humanity, which must prostrate itself, before every tabernacle of the earth, in an act of perennial gratitude and daily thanksgiving.

because jesus christ is truly present in the eucharist, he remains always in you, and this presence of his will become increasingly powerful, will shine out upon the world like a sun and will mark the beginning of the new era.

the coming of the glorious reign of christ will coincide with the greatest splendour of the eucharist.

christ will establish his glorious reign in the universal triumph of his eucharistic reign, which will develop in all its power and will have the capacity for changing hearts, souls, persons, families, society, the very structure of the world.

when he has established his eucharistic reign, jesus will lead you to enjoy this habitual presence of his, which you will sense in a new and extraordinary way, and he will lead you to experience a second, renewed and more beautiful earthly paradise.

but, before the tabernacle, yours must not be just a presence of prayer, but also of communion of life with jesus.

jesus is truly present in the eucharist, because he wishes to enter into a continual communion of life with you.

when you go before him, he sees you when you speak to him, he listens to you when you entrust something to him, he welcomes every word of yours into his heart when you ask, he always hears you.

go before the tabernacle to establish a simple and daily relationship of life with jesus.

in the same natural way that you seek out a friend, entrust yourselves to people dear to you, and feel the need of friends to help you, in the same way go before the tabernacle to seek out jesus.

make jesus your dearest friend, the person you trust most of all, desire most of all and love most of all.

speak to jesus of your love repeat it often, because it is the only thing which makes him immensely happy, consoles him against all ingratitude, and recompenses him for all betrayals.

jesus, you are our love.

jesus, you are our only great friend.

jesus, we love you.

jesus, we are in love with you.

in fact, the presence of christ in the eucharist has, above all, the function of causing you to grow in an experience of true communion of love with him, who remains here on earth to be always with you, so that you may not ever feel yourselves to be alone.

then you must go before the tabernacle to receive the fruit of prayer and of communion of life with jesus, which develops and matures in your holiness.

beloved sons, the more your life unfolds completely at the foot of the tabernacle, in intimate union with jesus in the eucharist, the more you grow in holiness.

jesus in the eucharist becomes the model and form of your holiness.

he brings you to purity of heart, to humility chosen and desired, to lived trust, to loving filial abandonment.

jesus in the eucharist becomes the new form of your priestly holiness, to which you attain through a daily and hidden immolation, through a continuous presence of love for your brethren, from a capacity to accept in yourselves the sufferings and crosses of everyone, from an ability to transform evil into good and to go to work in depth, so that souls who are entrusted to you may be led by you to salvation.

for this reason, i say to you the times in which i want you all before the tabernacle have arrived above all, i want you priests, who are the beloved sons of a mother, who is always in the act of perennial adoration and unceasing reparation.

through you, i want eucharistic worship to come back and flourish in the whole church in an increasingly powerful way.

now this deep crisis of piety towards the eucharist, which has infected the whole church and which has been at the root of so much unfaithfulness and of the spread of so vast an apostasy, must cease.

with all my beloved ones and children consecrated to me, who form part of my movement, i place you before every tabernacle of the earth, to give you in homage to jesus, as most precious jewels and the most beautiful and perfumed flowers.

now the heavenly mother wishes to bring to jesus, present in the eucharist, an ever greater number of her children, because these are the times in which jesus in the eucharist must be adored, loved, thanked and glorified by everyone.

my most beloved sons, together with jesus who, in every tabernacle, is in a continuous state of victim for you, i bless you in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit.