the great marvels of the lord
nativity of the blessed virgin mary
tokyo, japan


spiritual exercises in the form of a cenacle with the priests of the mmp of japan.

in this year consecrated to me, beloved sons, i am inviting you to all gather about the cradle of your infant mother.

learn from me humility and littleness, docility and meekness, obedience and silence.

the lord works only by means of littleness and of weakness.

he lifts up the poor from the dust and leads the little ones along the road of his glory.

the mercy of the lord manifests itself only by means of poverty and of misery.

he fills the hungry with good things, gives health to the sick, salvation to the lost, confidence to the despairing, grace to the sinners.

the power of the lord acts only by means of humility and docility.

he exalts the humble, gives strength to the weak, leads the oppressed and down trodden along the road of his love, looks with eyes of special love upon the marginalised and the persecuted.

sing today with me the great marvels of the lord.

exalt the mystery of his divine mercy.

the greatest miracle of the merciful love of jesus is about to be accomplished by means of the triumph of my immaculate heart in the world.

as of this year, i will begin to realise this triumph in an ever stronger and more extraordinary way.

the church and humanity will look with joy at the accomplishment of my motherly plan.

for its actualization i will make use of you, priests and faithful consecrated to my immaculate heart.

for this, my little child, i have again brought you to these far distant countries, in order that you might repeat my announcement even to the most distant frontiers of the earth.

i am the dawn which is arising.

i am your infant mother.

i am the little slave of the lord.

my time has come.

as of now, you are being called to see the great marvels of the lord in the triumph of my immaculate heart.

for this reason i am inviting you to all gather about the cradle where your newborn heavenly mother has been placed, to offer yourselves to me as a homage of love, of humility, of purity and of prayer.

i bless you with love and with joy.