the glory of mary
san marco, udine


with what joy i have received the act of consecration to my immaculate heart, on this your birthday.

i have taken your heart and have brought it deeper yet into my motherly garden and i have placed it in the burning furnace of the love of the divine heart of my son jesus.

this heart of yours now belongs entirely to us and we want to make of it a perfect instrument of our most pure love.

i am asking you to love ever more and more.

love each day, and at every moment of your life.

let nothing disturb the purity and the intensity of your love.

love the most holy and divine trinity, glorifying the father, imitating the son, receiving the gift of the spirit.

love, with the divine heart of jesus, all your brothers, especially the smallest, the poorest, the least, the desperate, the marginalized, the sinners.

you must be the luminous ray of my motherly and merciful love.

love your brother priests, especially the weakest, the most fragile, those who fall, those who are imprisoned by the chains of the passions, especially of pride and of impurity.

for them, immolate yourself each day in silence, in hiddenness, in humility, in docility.

become the sweet and meek victim, immolated by me, for the good and the salvation of all priests.

love always, without ever becoming weary.

everything must be done by you only out of love.

the journey you must undertake for me, out of love.

the cross which you must carry, out of love.

the heavy work which it is your lot to accomplish, out of love.

the cenacles which you lead forward, out of love.

the countries you journey through, out of love.

the distant continents you reach, out of love.

the intense prayer that i ask of you, out of love.

the sufferings i ask of you each day, out of love.

the weariness which takes hold of you, out of love.

the exhaustion which prostrates you, out of love.

your limitations which mortify you, out of love.

your defects which accompany you, out of love.

all your life which you give me, out of love.

only then will you be, here below, the glory of mary.

only then will you be able to carry out the mission which i have entrusted to you and make blossom in your person, in your life and in your work, the garden of my greatest and most extraordinary wonders.

with my pope, with all my beloved priests, with the children consecrated to me, i bless you with love and with joy.