the johns of the eucharistic jesus
holy thursday
dongo, como


my beloved priests, today is your feast.

it is the day that recalls the last supper, the institution of the eucharist and of the new priesthood, in the cenacle of jerusalem.

it is your feast because you, to whom it has been given to share in the ministerial priesthood of jesus, were also spiritually present in the cenacle.

i am the mother of you priests, because you were entrusted to me by jesus, in a special way, in the person of your brother, john.

enter today into the cenacle of my immaculate heart.

open for me the door of your priestly home that i may enter there as a mother who loves you, who forms you and leads you, seconding also the desire which today, through his letter, my pope, the first of the sons of my maternal predilection, has communicated to you.

this is the most beautiful way to live this holy thursday of the marian year, consecrated to me.

i then lead you to realise fully the mystery of love of your priesthood.

i help you to be faithful to the obligations which you have assumed, in particular that of celibacy.

i point out to you the way you must travel, in order to respond to such a great gift as that which has been given you by my son jesus.

i bring you to be priests according to his divine and merciful heart.

for this, i cause you to increase in a profound intimacy of life with me, in a simple and spontaneous way, in such a way that i am able to live with you, in the dwelling place of your priestly life, just as i lived in his home with the apostle, john.

see how little children allow themselves to be led by their mother, follow her directions, listen to her teachings and expect everything from her.

you also must do the same.

you must accustom yourselves to doing everything with me, when you get up, pray, celebrate holy mass, recite the liturgy of the hours or are absorbed in your apostolic activity.

even when you are beautifying the church, when you want to undertake something new, do it with me, in a spirit of filial confidence and of habitual dependence.

then nothing will ever disturb the peace of your heart, and if my adversary does everything to cause you to be perturbed he will find you covered with impenetrable armour and you will always be immersed in an inalterable peace and you will be led to the highest summit of interior quiet and of contemplation.

i lead you also to a habitual intimacy of life, of love, of adoration, of thanksgiving and of reparation to jesus present in the eucharist.

with the impetus of the faith which illumines you, with the flame of the love which consumes you, with the strength of those who are sincerely in love, of watchful sentinels, you must go beyond appearances to experience in the soul the presence of jesus in the eucharist because, under the white veil of each consecrated host, jesus is really present among you.

you cannot see him.

it is as if you were here and he were on the other side of a closed door.

there is only this thin partition, which impedes you from seeing him with your eyes, from hearing him with your ears, from communicating with him through the external senses of the body, but you must go beyond the appearances, to commune with him through the powers of the soul.

the power of your intellect causes you to see jesus in the splendour of his glorious body, as he appeared to me after his resurrection, all light, with his enchanting face, with his hair of gold, with his eyes of an intense blue, with his feet which had walked so much for you, still shining from the wounds which had transfixed him, with a smile of infinite goodness and with his wounded heart, from which there gushed a luminous fount of love and of grace.

see him, with the light of the intellect, in the splendour of his divinity.

jesus will reveal himself even more to you, will communicate himself in a greater way to you and thus you will contemplate him in a way that will be more beautiful than if you were to see him with the senses of the body.

the power of the will sets you on the way of always doing his divine will.

as a compass points towards the north pole so also your will becomes irresistibly attracted to his will.

when sometimes you turn from it, almost without your noticing it, there is some force within you which turns you in the right direction, because your will becomes absorbed by his divine will.

thus your mind becomes ever more and more enlightened, because you are thinking as he thinks, you want what he wants and thus you live in an intimacy of life with jesus who, in your priestly life, fulfils again today his divine mission of doing the will of the father,

‘i have come, oh god, to do your will. not my will but yours be done.’

through the power of love you are irresistibly attracted by his divine and merciful heart .

my dearest little children, let your heart be completely immersed in his eucharistic heart, that you may enter into a personal intimacy of life with him.

jesus then takes your little heart, opens it, expands it and fills it with his love.

he loves in you and you love in him and thus you become more and more immersed in the stupendous vortex of his divine and perfect charity.

then, just as john was the beloved apostle, called to have a profound intimacy of life with jesus, living in his human body, so too you become new johns, called to have a profound intimacy of life

with his glorious body, really present in the condition of a victim and hidden under the appearance of consecrated bread, which is kept in every tabernacle of the earth.

beloved sons, seek jesus in order to quench your thirst for blessedness go to him to satisfy your great need for love you too, place your head upon his heart to feel its beating live ever with him, you who are called to be the johns of the eucharistic jesus.

i confide to you now my maternal will that the eucharistic jesus find, in your churches, his royal palace, where he is honoured and adored by the faithful, there where he is also continually surrounded by innumerable bands of angels, of saints and of souls who are being purified.

see to it that the most holy sacrament is again surrounded by flowers and by lights, as signs indicative of your love and of your tender piety.

expose him frequently for the veneration of the faithful.

multiply the hours of public adoration to repair for the indifference, the outrages, the numerous sacrileges and the terrible profanation, to which he is subjected during the black masses, a diabolical and sacrilegious rite which is becoming more and more widespread and which has, as its culmination, unspeakable and obscene acts directed toward the most holy eucharist.

because of this the world is immersed in the deepest night, in the darkness of sin and of impurity, of egoism and of hatred, of avarice and of impiety and it now appears that there is no longer anything that can restrain it from falling into an endless abyss.

but the great hour of justice and of divine mercy has as of now arrived.

for you, my beloved priests, who are called to be the light of the world, there now falls the duty of illuminating the earth in these days of dense darkness.

and so today i am asking you to allow me to enter the home of your priestly life, because the hour has also come for the triumph, in you, of the immaculate heart of your heavenly mother.