behold your mother
good friday
dongo, como


beloved sons, welcome today the supreme gift of my son jesus, who is about to die on the cross.

behold your mother, at this moment i am at the foot of his cross, transfixed by a sword of sorrow.

i have seen my son climb the hill of calvary, crushed beneath the weight of the cross, his head wounded by the crown of thorns, his entire body reduced to one single wound by the flagellation, his face disfigured by blood and by pain, his eyes glazed from weeping his heart overwhelmed by the weight of ingratitude and the lack of love.

i have felt the blows of the nails, which have pierced his hands and his feet, the heavy thump of the cross in the earth, which cause him to lunge with pain the moans that come from his crucified body in the last hours of his bloody agony.

i am now beneath the cross and i am crushed beneath the weight of the blasphemies and the shrieks of hatred and of inhuman wickedness on the part of those who are assisting at his execution.

i gather in the motherly chalice of my immaculate heart every drop of his suffering, his great thirst, the pardoning of the repentant thief, the prayer for those who are crucifying him, the feeling of being abandoned even by god, his act of filial entrusting to the will of the father.

but a few moments before his divine heart closes itself to earthly life, it opens itself to his last gift, behold your mother.

thus i became the mother of all humanity redeemed by my son.

i am the true mother of you all.

the new sepulchre which receives him, now dead, is transformed into the cradle in which you are all born into life.

receive with love this last gift of his, beloved sons, because, at the side of the cradle in which you have been reborn, there is the presence of the mother whom jesus has given to you.

accept me into your life, that i may be able to help you walk along the same road upon which jesus has preceded you.

open for me the doors of your priestly home that i may be able to beautify it and adorn it with sanctity and purity.

live together with me each day, to be comforted in the carrying of your cross and in following jesus all the way to calvary.

let yourselves be formed by me, if you want your priestly life to be made fragrant by the blossoming of all the virtues.

on good friday of this marian year, understand all the preciousness of the gift which jesus has given you when he disclosed his hidden thoughts to speak to you those words which you must never again forget,

‘behold your mother,’

and live ever in deep gratitude to jesus for having given you this last gift of his.