the bright cave
the holy night
dongo, como


live with me, beloved children, the mystery of love and light of this, your christmas.

i want to take you with me on the long journey which led us to bethlehem.

i was absorbed in a continuous ecstasy of love with the divine child, whom i was carrying in my virginal womb, comforted by the precious assistance of my most chaste spouse, joseph, who devoted himself so completely to making the wearying journey less burdensome.

thus an interior silence surrounded our presence in the midst of a noisy caravan, and the deep prayer of the heart marked the slow flow of our approach to our goal, and a tranquil peace of soul descended upon the calm unfolding of time, in a loving knowledge of the great mystery which was now about to take place.

when we arrived in bethlehem and every door was closed upon our request for hospitality for that night, there was pointed out to us by some shepherds a poor cave which, for all its squalor, was ready to welcome us.

this is the holy night.

this is the night which brings to an end the expectation of the centuries.

this is the night which is opened to the light and brings to an end forever the time of the first advent.

this is the night which brings to a beginning the new day which knows no setting.

in this night, heaven is espoused to earth the song of the angels blends with the voices of the little ones, of the poor, of the pure to the shepherds is given the announcement which gives joy to all,

‘today is born for you a saviour.’

bow down, together with me to cover the child with kisses and tears, with warmth and love, with sweet and affectionate tenderness.

he is so little.

he is just born.

he cries because of the sharpness of the cold.

he walls because of the great coldness which enfolds the whole world.

like the shepherds, you too, bring him simple gifts.

your priestly heart, filled with love, becomes for him his one great comfort, and do you also welcome the great announcement of joy that is given to you today, his second birth in glory is close at hand.

you too are travelling along the last stage of a long journey.

you too are coming to the end of the time of the second advent.

so therefore, live with me and with my spouse, joseph, the precious hours of this new vigil.

let a deep silence surround the great noise of words and of images, which today is filling the whole world.

let the prayer of the heart bring you to a continuous loving dialogue with the lord jesus who has come, who comes and who will come in glory, and let the tranquil peace of the soul mark the passing of your days, so threatening and thick with sorrows for all.

go forward safely on the tempestuous waves of these last times of the great tribulation, without becoming troubled at seeing that the doors are still closing to jesus christ, who is coming.

my immaculate heart is the bright cave, which brings to an end this second advent, because it is with its triumph that jesus will return to you in glory.