mother of the second evangelisation
quito, ecuador


spiritual exercises in the form of a cenacle with the priests of the mmp from latin america.

how happy i am, beloved sons, with this cenacle of prayer and brotherly sharing which, during these days, you are carrying out with me, your heavenly mother.

i am always with you.

i unite myself to your prayer and i strengthen the bond of your brotherhood.

this year, you are celebrating the fifth centenary of the evangelisation of latin america.

i have called you to this cenacle because i desire to communicate to you the love, the apprehensions and the designs which my immaculate heart has on this land, blessed by me and so ensnared and stricken by my adversary.

in the first place, i tell you of my great joy in feeling myself so loved here by my children, especially the little ones, the poor, the simple, the sick and the sinners.

because of this, i love you with a motherly and merciful love.

i am always near you as a tender and attentive mother and i am leading you along the way of peace, of holiness, of purity and of love.

and then i share with you the preoccupations and the sufferings of my heart in the face of the painful situation in which the countries here and my church, called to spread the light of christ and his gospel, find themselves.

peace is threatened by violence which is spreading, by the social injustices which are still strong, by the divisions, by the prevalence of many personal interests over the common good, by the great

number of my poor children who are living in conditions of subhuman misery.

moreover there are spreading, more and more, those evils which threaten the moral integrity of the people, such as impurity, pornography, drugs, divorce, the recourse to all the means of birth control and these accursed abortions which cry for vengeance in the sight of god.

even the church, which lives and suffers in this continent, is threatened with an interior division caused by dissension from the pope and by opposition to his magisterium on the part of some bishops, theologians, priests and lay persons.

above all my adversary has sought to strike her with the subtle snare of liberation theology, which is a true betrayal of christ and his gospel.

for this reason, my heart is again pierced today by the sword of sorrow.

finally, i want to reveal to you the designs of grace and mercy which your heavenly mother has upon you.

i consider this land as a precious portion of my estate.

for this reason, in the fifth centenary of its evangelisation, i have wanted it to be totally consecrated to my immaculate heart.

thus i have sent this little son of mine everywhere in order to call bishops, priests, religious and faithful to make this consecration, willed and requested by me for your times.

i will save latin america.

i am the mother of the second evangelisation.

i am guiding you as a star along the bright way of fidelity to christ and to his gospel.

you need to return to a belief in the gospel of jesus.

you must announce it to all in the strength of its integrity.

preach it with the same clarity with which my son jesus announced it to you.

my motherly task is that of forming you into apostles of the second evangelisation.

i invite you, beloved sons, to consecrate yourselves, each and all, to my immaculate heart, in order to be formed and guided by me in this, your important mission.

moved by the power of the holy spirit, which your heavenly mother is obtaining for you, go and preach to every creature.

be converted.

believe in the gospel.

the reign of god is at band.

go out from this cenacle in peace and in joy.

i am with you always.

with the souls which are entrusted to you, i bless you all in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit.