go and evangelize
sao paulo, brasil


spiritual exercises in the form of a cenacle with the priests of the mmp from all brasil.

my immaculate heart is today glorified by you in this continuous cenacle of prayer and brotherhood, in which you find yourselves, you the directors of the mmp who have come from every part of brasil.

i am with you.

i am joining you in your prayer, to obtain for you the gift of the holy spirit, that he may transform you into apostles of these last times.

the moment of your public witness has come.

show yourselves to all as my little sons, as the apostles formed by me for the great task of the new evangelisation which is awaiting you.

as in the cenacle of jerusalem i opened the door so that the apostles could go out and preach the gospel, initiating the first evangelisation, so also, in this cenacle of yours, i am calling you all to be apostles of the second evangelisation.

therefore, at the end of this extraordinary cenacle, i am entrusting to each one of you my motherly mandate, go and evangelize.

go into every part of this great nation of yours.

go into every place, even the most distant and out of the way.

go to all my children, especially those furthest away, to the sinners, to the poor, to those who are victims of evil, of vice, of egoism, of hatred, of impurity.

go to every creature, with the power which is given you by this, my motherly mission.

go as apostles of the second evangelisation, to which the first of my beloved sons, pope john paul ii, is urgently calling you.

go and evangelise.

evangelise this poor humanity which has again become pagan after nearly two thousand years since the first announcement of the gospel.

evangelise it, preaching the urgent need of conversion and of its return to the lord.

let the idols be destroyed, the idols it has built with its own hands, pleasure, money, pride, impurity, atheism, unbridled egoism, hatred and violence, and let it return to its god along the way of

penance, of the rejection of satan and his seductions, of the rejection of sin and of every form of evil, and then there will blossom along its way grace and holiness, purity and love, harmony and peace.

evangelise the suffering and divided church, filled with the smoke of satan and threatened with the loss of faith and with apostasy.

let the church once again believe in the gospel of jesus.

let the gospel of jesus, preached and lived to the letter, become the only light which guides it along its earthly journey.

then will the church once again be humble, holy, beautiful, poor, evangelical, without spot or wrinkle, in imitation of its heavenly mother, who is leading it each day toward its greatest renewal.

evangelise all men, preaching that the reign of god is at hand.

the moment of the second coming of jesus is drawing close, the moment of the return of christ in glory, to restore in your midst his reign of grace, of holiness, of justice, of love and of peace. announce to everyone this, his glorious return, so that hope may blossom upon the world and the hearts of men be opened to receive him.

throw open the doors to jesus christ who is coming.

to this end, preach the need for prayer and penance for the courageous practice of all the virtues for a return to the perfect cult of love, of adoration and of reparation, offered to jesus present in the eucharist.

spread everywhere the cenacles of prayer which i have been asking of you, among children, youth, priests, the faithful.

above all, spread everywhere the family cenacles which i am requesting as a powerful means of saving the christian family from the great evils which are threatening it.

go out from this cenacle as the apostles of this second evangelisation.

do not be afraid.

i am with you always and i am leading you along this bright path.

with your dear ones and with the souls which are entrusted to you, i bless you all in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit.