you will be faithful priests
holy thursday
rubbio, vicenza


beloved sons, i am particularly close to you, on this day of holy thursday.

it is your day.

it is your pasch.

jesus, having loved his own who were in the world, loved them to the end.

you have been born in the cradle of love.

your priesthood has its origin in the mystery of the infinite love of the divine heart of jesus.

with the apostles, in the cenacle of jerusalem, you also were present.

all the bishops and priests to the end of the world were there, because this place and this day are outside of time and of history.

this is the day of the new priesthood and of the new sacrifice which is being offered in every part of the earth, for the life of the world.

enter into the heart of jesus your brother enter with me into the gethsemane of his love and his sorrow let yourselves be immersed in the infinite ocean of his divine charity, and you will be faithful priests.

this is also the day of the betrayal,

‘in all truth i tell you, one of you is going to betray me.’

jesus is deeply moved.

his heart is pierced with deep wounds in feeling himself betrayed by his own.

‘one of you is going to betray me.’ –

it is also the moment of human weakness and desertion.

peter denies jesus three times.

the apostles run away out of fear and forsake jesus.

young john remains the apostle who loves the faithful friend the first of my beloved sons, and he remains with me, the sorrowful and crucified mother.

this, his pasch, is perpetuated in time this mystery of divine love, and of the human lack of return for that love, is renewed every day.

how many are those today who participate in his priesthood, who share in his inheritance and who, in so many ways, betray him.

they betray him because they no longer believe in his divine word.

the lack of faith is spreading.

apostasy is diffused more and more within the church.

they betray him because they prefer the thirty pieces of silver to him, the silver coins of convenience and pleasure, of impurity and pride, of the search for comfort and of self affirmation.

how many are the judases who today betray the son of man.

how numerous are those from among his own who deny him, repeating the words of the human weakness of peter,

‘i do not know this man.’

they deny him out of fear of not being thought well of and esteemed by the world in which they live, out of fear of being considered backward and old fashioned, out of fear of being criticised and rejected.

bishops and priests, beloved sons of mine, why do you repeat today, in such great numbers, by the way you live, the cruel gesture of judas’ betrayal and peter’s denial?

the new passion which is being repeated by jesus in this pasch of 1992 is that of infidelity on the part of many of his priests.

like john, beloved sons, remain with me, your sorrowful and crucified mother.

let us stay together, close to jesus in gethsemane let us follow him with love and compassion along the painful road to calvary.

i ask you to consecrate yourselves to my immaculate heart, to enter into my heavenly garden, so that i can form you to be today, faithful priests, the new johns who will never, not even for an instant, abandon my son jesus.

thus, for jesus, who is reliving tonight in an immensely greater way the painful agony of gethsemane, your heavenly mother is preparing the chalice of comfort which the father gives him, and which jesus drinks with infinite gratitude, in feeling himself so loved, again today, by his faithful priests.