let us adore jesus crucified
good friday
rubbio, vicenza


prostrate yourselves on this day, my beloved sons, and, together with me, your sorrowful mother, with love and immense gratitude, let us adore jesus crucified.

he is the true god.

he is our king.

behold him now, stretched out upon his royal throne,

‘when i shall be lifted up from the earth, i will draw all men to myself.’

draw close therefore to the throne of grace and mercy, to obtain salvation, in us propitious time of your redemption.

because he who is, today, judged, condemned to the scaffold of the cross, and cruelly put to death on calvary is the true son of god.

he is the consubstantial word of the father.

he is his only begotten son.

he is the perfect image of his substance.

he is the splendour of his glory.

‘you took no pleasure in burnt offering or sacrifice but you have prepared a body for me.:

i come, oh father, to do your will.’

‘the father has so loved the world that he has given his only-begotten son.’

jesus is the precious gift of the love of the father.

he is the obedient and docile servant.

he is the meek and silent lamb who is led to his death. he is the redeemer and saviour of all humanity.

‘god though he was, he did not consider remaining within divinity a treasure to be jealously guarded, but he emptied himself, taking the form of a servant and, becoming man, became obedient even unto death, the death of the cross.’

we adore you, oh jesus crucified, because on your royal throne you free humanity from the slavery of satan, you cancel out every stain of sin, and you offer the precious gift of your redemption.

it is my son jesus who, today, dies on the cross, conceived in my virginal womb, formed for nine months in preparation for his human birth, nourished with my flesh and my very own blood, born in a cave, placed in a manger, nourished with my milk, brought up in my arms, cradled with my love, led by my hand, instructed by my words, guarded and defended in his threatened infancy, contemplated with motherly happiness in the rhythm of his human growth, helped by my presence in the fulfilment of his public mission, assisted by me on this day of his unjust and so inhuman execution.

look, with me, at his body, completely reduced to one single wound by the terrible scourging his face, disfigured with blood which runs down from his head, pierced by the crown of thorns.

his wounded shoulders which support with great effort the wood of his gibbet.

feel in your heart, with me, the terrible blows of the nails, which pierce his hands and his feet, the thud of the cross in the ground, which causes him to start with renewed pain, the moans of his bloody agony, his last breath which he breathes forth at the moment of his death on the cross.

it is my son who dies, close to me, his afflicted mother, who opens her heart to receive you all into the sorrowful cradle of her new and universal motherhood.

jesus crucified is your redeemer and saviour.

today the purpose of his entire life is fulfilled and the will of the father is carried out to complete perfection, because he immolates himself as a victim for your salvation.

look, today, with love and with immense gratitude, in a spirit of joy and consolation, upon him whom they have pierced.

he is the true lamb of god who takes away the sins of the world,

he is the high priest who enters once and for all into the sanctuary to obtain for you, with his blood, an eternal redemption.

he is your pasch, the bridge which makes it possible for you to pass from sin to grace, from death to life, from slavery to freedom.

he is your brother who takes you by the hand and leads you to be true sons of god.

jesus will return on the royal throne of his glory, to bring to fulfilment that word of his, which was the cause of his condemnation,

the clouds of heaven will prostrate themselves as a footstool at his feet, and he will come to restore his reign of grace, of holiness, of love, of justice, and of peace, bringing thus to perfect

fulfilment the plan of his redemption.

live in the expectation of his glorious return and of your imminent liberation.