the sepulchre of your slavery
holy saturday
rubbio, vicenza


stay close to me, beloved sons, on this day when i remained without my son.

his body is placed in the new sepulchre, in expectation of his resurrection.

the apostles have become terrified and have scattered.

i remain on with the holy women, who are keeping me company and i am keeping watch in prayer and expectation.

this is the day of my immaculate sorrow.

this is the first day of my spiritual motherhood.

for this reason, from the very earliest times, there was established in the church the custom of setting this day aside as one on which i was to be especially venerated.

today i want you with me, in a continuous vigil of prayer and love, close to the sepulchre in which there lies the lifeless body of jesus.

in his sepulchre, sin and evil, faithlessness and egoism, impurity and pride, corruption and death, are laid away once and for all, and the new man of grace and holiness, of faith and hope, of purity and love, is born.

the church is born the new humanity, modelled on the glorious humanity of jesus risen and ascended to the right hand of the father, is born.

today i invite you to descend, you also, into the sepulchre with christ, in order to die to the world and to yourselves, and to live only for the lord and for his glory.

let this new sepulchre be the sepulchre of your slavery.

let it be the sepulchre of your slavery, where all the chains which hold you under the dominion of satan are destroyed, and where the new man is born, called to be a free son of god.

let it be the sepulchre of your slavery, where this humanity dies once and for all, this humanity far separated from god, rebellious to his law, corrupt, slave of the spirit of evil, and lying under the power of darkness and where the new humanity is born, enlightened and sanctified by the glorious humanity of jesus.

let it be the sepulchre of your slavery, where the church dies, the church which is sick and divided, pervaded with the spirit of the world, darkened in its loyalty and holiness, assailed by the loss of faith and apostasy and where the new church is born, holy, faithful, enlightened, evangelical, poor and chaste, reflecting solely the light of its christ upon the world.

in the new sepulchre of this day, may every form of slavery of this time of yours, which holds you under the power of satan and of his universal seduction, be laid away once and for all, and may the new times be born, the new times of your liberation, which is given to you by jesus christ, risen and living in your midst.