the rays of my splendour
feast of the assumption of the blessed virgin mary into heaven
rubbio, vicenza


look at the heavenly splendour of my body, assumed into the glory of paradise, beloved children, and walk with me towards the safe haven of your liberation, which is now close at hand.

you are my joy and my crown.

you are the shining stars which cause my royal mantle to shine still more brilliantly, and so i invite you to live with me, this day, together with the souls of the saints in paradise, and with the

blessed souls who are being purified in purgatory.

today, as they contemplate, in the light of paradise, the glorious and glorified body of your heavenly mother, the angels and all the angelic cohorts exult the saints of heaven rejoice the souls who are being purified jump for joy and the pilgrim and suffering church, which is journeying through the desert of the world and of history, is strengthened in its hope and consoled in the midst of its many tribulations.

bring everywhere the balm of my motherly comfort.

spread my light in the deep darkness which surrounds you.

you are the rays of my splendour.

by means of you, i want these rays to be spread everywhere and to descend, as a heavenly dew, upon poor humanity, now in the possession of the evil one, and upon my church which is living the hour of its painful passion.

spread the rays of faith, in these times of great apostasy of hope, in a world pervaded by materialism and by the ever worsening search for pleasure of love, in the midst of the egoism and hatred and of a great indifference toward the weak, the poor and the suffering of purity, amidst such widespread foulness of silence, in the deafening uproar of voices of prayer, amidst general dissipation of humility, in the midst of such great pride and of obedience, amidst such a vast rebellion.

cause the rays of my glory to descend everywhere, you who are the shining stars of my bright and motherly mantle.

in this way, you are forming the new church.

you are bringing together from all sides my children, called to form part of the little faithful remnant.

you shorten the times of your most cruel slavery.

you prepare hearts and souls to receive the lord who is coming.

on this day, when paradise is united to earth, i reaffirm you in my plan.

i welcome you into the depths of my immaculate heart.

i lead you with steadiness along the road of your liberation, in order to attain at last the new heavens and the new earth.