your priestly fidelity
nativity of the blessed virgin mary


beloved sons, you exult with all the church on earth and in heaven, in contemplating the joyous mystery of the birth of your mother.

you gaze today upon your infant mother and, around my crib, you lay down the precious crown of your priestly fidelity.

be faithful priests.

be faithful to your vocation, which binds you to be ministers of christ and of his gospel.

just as i was, from my earliest childhood, faithful to the call of god, by entering into his plan, a plan which he had for me from all eternity, so also must you be faithful to your priestly call.

if you are little, you remain faithful.

if you are poor, you remain faithful.

if you are docile, you remain faithful.

it is the task of your heavenly mother to lead you all along the road of your priestly fidelity.

be faithful to the ministry of the word.

how numerous today are those priests who become victims of many errors.

these errors are taught, disseminated and propagated under the form of new cultural interpretations of the truth, and thus they are easily accepted, and they lead a great number of my children away from the true faith.

yours are the times foretold by holy scripture.

there are arising today many false teachers, who are teaching fables and leading the faithful away from the truth of the gospel.

you must always preach the gospel of jesus with courage and in its full literal sense.

it is in this way that you remain in the true faith and you help the little remnant to remain firm in the security of the faith, in these times of universal apostasy.

be faithful to the ministry of grace.

jesus has associated you intimately in the exercise of his eternal high priesthood, in order to cause the divine gift of grace to descend into the souls of all the redeemed.

this you accomplish through the administration of the sacraments, instituted by christ as an efficacious means of communicating grace.

be faithful to the ministry of the sacraments, especially that of reconciliation, which has the function of restoring grace to those who have lost it, because of mortal sins which have been committed.

today, this most precious and necessary sacrament is fading away within the church.

pastors of the church, bishops placed in positions of leadership by christ for the guidance of his flock, open your eyes to this evil which is spreading throughout the whole church like a terrible cancer.

intervene with courage and zeal, so that the sacrament of reconciliation may again flourish in all its fullness, and thus souls may be helped to live in the state of grace, and the church may be healed of the bleeding wounds caused by sins and sacrileges, which cover it completely as though covering a leper.

be faithful to the ministry of prayer.

jesus is constantly offering himself and interceding before the father, by means of you.

in these times, how greatly prayer is being neglected by so many of my priest sons.

if you saw with my eyes how widespread and deeply embedded within the church is this, its interior wound, you too would shed copious tears with me.

people no longer pray.

they are absorbed in action.

all apostolic efficacy is made to rely on activity and on pastoral programming.

you forget that you can do nothing of yourselves, and that it is jesus christ alone who, by means of you, works and saves.

you forget that you are useless servants, that you are poor, that you are sinners.

return to prayer. make the eucharistic jesus the centre of your prayer, the secret of your life, the soul of your apostolic action.

today, i ask you to offer me the homage of your priestly fidelity, as a crown which you place about the crib in which i am being placed, at the moment of my earthly birth.

and be always small, as is today your infant mother.

it is only in remaining ever little children, that you succeed in being, in these last times, faithful priests.