the hour of my great sorrow
feast of our lady of sorrows
sant’ omero, teramo


beloved children, remain today with me, your sorrowful mother, who has begotten you beneath the cross, upon which my son jesus died for your salvation.

i am the mother of sorrows.

enter today into the deep mystery of my desolation, in order to understand how my spiritual and universal motherhood is exercised above all in love and in sorrow, in love for you all, my children, in sorrow for your sorrows, for the grave dangers which threaten you, for the many sufferings of these last times of the great tribulation.

for this reason, the days through which you are living mark also the hour of my great sorrow.

it is the hour of my great sorrow for the church, my dearly beloved daughter.

how grievously the church is suffering, in these times, as she carries her great cross and climbs the bloodstained calvary of her passion and her bloody immolation.

never before as today, has the church been made so utterly like my son jesus.

she is like him in solitude and abandonment.

she is like him in denial and betrayal.

she is like him in contempt and condemnation.

she is like him in her crucifixion and in her agony.

this is the hour of my great sorrow for the church, because the hour of her redemptive passion has come.

it is the hour of my great sorrow for humanity, so ill and so reduced to slavery by the spirits of evil.

the diabolical powers are ruling the earth and producing everywhere the wicked fruits of their dark reign, and thus this humanity has again become pagan, after almost two thousand years of its redemption and of the first announcement of the gospel of salvation.

faithlessness and impiety again cover it, sins wound it, evil poisons it, pride rules it, impurity seduces it, egoism and hatred enchain it, satan reduces it more and more to slavery and reigns over you with his diabolical power.

this is the hour of my great sorrow for all this poor humanity, under the control of the spirits of evil, because the hour of its great chastisement has now come.

it is the hour of my great sorrow for you, my children.

how heavy has the burden of your suffering become during these days.

with tear filled eyes, i look at the little children who have been led precociously into experiences of evil and sin, at the youth who have been ensnared and betrayed by the society in which they live, youth to whom false values have been proposed, and who have now become victims of impurity and drugs, at the families who have become divided and destroyed, at the poor who are dying of hunger, at those who have been tortured and killed by wars, at the sick who are denied care and assistance, at the abandoned, the isolated ,the despairing, at those who are in agony, and those who are dying.

as a mother, i am today at the side of each and every one who is groaning under the weight of their cross.

never do i abandon you.

i am with you above all at the moment of your greatest need.

this is the hour of my great sorrow for all of you, my poor children, because the time of your great suffering has come.

take refuge in me.

hasten to the sure refuge of my immaculate heart, because we must live together, through the hour of the greatest trial, which has now come, for you, for the church and for all humanity.