my work
feast of the immaculate heart of mary
monastery of bouveret, vallese, switzerland


with a great cenacle of priests and faithful of my movement from french speaking switzerland, you are celebrating today the liturgical memorial of my immaculate heart.

you are completing the journey which you have been making through all switzerland, so ensnared and stricken by my adversary, but so loved and defended by your heavenly mother.

here, where my adversary is exercising his great power through hedonism, moral permissiveness and impurity, and is obscuring the splendour of my church through division, through the spread of errors which are leading many away from the true faith, through disobedience and contestation directed against the pope, i am taking action in a powerful way to spread everywhere my great work of love and salvation.

it is my work, which i am carrying out in every part of the world in these last times.

it is my work, which i am raising up everywhere for the triumph of my immaculate heart.

it is my work, which i myself am now carrying out, in order to gather from all sides the little remnant which will remain faithful to jesus and to his gospel, to the pope and to the church united with him.

it is my work, because i myself am accomplishing it and spreading it in a silent and hidden way.

satan and all the diabolic spirits are able to do nothing against it.

the lord has prohibited them from harming it.

the powers of evil, the dark forces of satanism, and the secret rulers of masonry can do nothing against it, because it is protected, preserved and defended by me.

it is my work, which i am carrying out in every part of the world in order to conquer satan, in the great battle amidst all the wicked spirits, because in the end my immaculate heart will triumph.

it is my work, which i am accomplishing to spread the truth in these times of great apostasy to bring you to greater unity with the pope in these days of division and of widespread rebellion to lead you along the way of grace and holiness amidst the general spread of sin and impurity.

it is my work, which i am carrying out by means of my marian movement of priests.

for this, i have chosen this little child of mine and made him an instrument of my greatest marvels in every part of the world.

satan has sought in many ways to destroy it, by stirring up opposition and criticisms against it, persecutions and obstacles, subtle snares on the part of false visionaries and false messages, which have succeeded in misleading a great number of my poor children.

but i have personally intervened, in an extraordinary way, to prevent him from harming it, because i am jealous of this work of mine with the very jealousy of god.

for it is through it that i will bring about the triumph of my immaculate heart in the world.

and so, now that the great trial is here, my work must shine forth with a light that becomes stronger and stronger, because the times have arrived when my immaculate heart must be exalted by all the church and all humanity.