in the heart of the little ones


you find yourself here today, my little child, in this great island of the pacific, to hold cenacles with my beloved ones and with the faithful, come from even very distant islands.

my voice has reached even here.

even here have i received a generous response.

you see how it is especially the littlest ones, the simple and the poorest who have responded to me.

you see how they are able to understand my voice, to listen to my word, to obey my requests, to pray with perseverance, to consecrate themselves joyfully to my immaculate heart.

in the heart of the little ones i experience my great comfort.

how many from among the great ones, even from among my beloved ones, reject my invitation and close the door of their hearts to my motherly presence.

this persistent rejection is a cause of deep pain to me.

but i am consoled in receiving such a generous response from the little ones, because it is these who are the balm which the heavenly father gives me and which is placed upon every new wound which opens in my motherly heart.

in the heart of the little ones i find my greatest joy.

in them i reflect my light and i see my plan reproduced.

because little, i have found favour with the most high.

only in the hearts of the little ones does the father take pleasure, is the son glorified, and does the holy spirit find his permanent dwelling place.

thus, by means of them, the immaculate heart of your heavenly mother can repeat her eternal magnificat, her canticle of adoration and praise to the divine and most holy trinity.

in the heart of the little ones i again set my delight, because i am able to exercise fully my function as a mother.

thus, i am able to nourish them, clothe them, form them, and lead them gently along the road of purity, love and holiness.

in the heart of the little ones my immaculate heart already achieves its triumph.

it is by means of these that i am able to carry out my great work of love and mercy, for the salvation of the world and the greatest renewal of all the church.

in the heart of the little ones you too must find your repose.

on such a burdensome journey, amidst such great fatigues which seem humanly impossible to bear, rest on the heart of your heavenly mother, and rejoice in the response which you receive everywhere from all my littlest children.