the glorious reign of christ
feast of christ the king
sydney, australia


beloved children, you are celebrating today the solemnity of jesus christ, king of the universe, and you are doing this by way of a great cenacle in which priests and faithful of my movement, coming from other cities of this great nation as well, are taking part.

your heavenly mother wants to enfold each one of you in the secure refuge of her immaculate heart, to protect you in the time of the great trial and to prepare you to receive jesus, who is about to return to establish his glorious reign among you.

the glorious reign of christ will be above all established in hearts and souls.

this is the most precious part of the divine royalty of jesus.

in fact, for this the word became man and came to dwell among us.

for this, the son made himself obedient to the father even to death, the death of the cross.

through the redemption, carried out by jesus on calvary, you were rescued from the reign of satan, set free from sin which is the yoke of slavery under him, and you became children of god, because he has communicated his love and his very own life to you.

those hearts renewed by love and those souls sanctified by grace form then the most precious part of the divine royalty of jesus.

the glorious reign of christ will correspond to a general flowering of holiness and purity, of love and justice, of joy and peace.

for the hearts of men will be transformed by the powerful force of the holy spirit, who will pour himself out upon them through the miracle of his second pentecost, and souls will be enlightened by the presence of the most holy trinity, who will produce in them an extraordinary unfolding of all the virtues.

the glorious reign of christ will also be reflected in a new form of life in everyone, because you will be drawn to live only for the glory of the lord, and the lord will be glorified when his divine will will be perfectly accomplished by each one of you.

the glorious reign of christ will coincide, then, with the perfect accomplishment of the will of god on the part of every one of his creatures, in such a way that, as it is in heaven, so it will also be on this earth.

but this is not possible unless there first takes place the defeat of satan, the tempter, the lying spirit, who has ever intervened in the history of mankind in order to lead men to rebellion against the lord and disobedience to his law.

the glorious reign of christ will be established after the complete defeat of satan and all the spirits of evil, and the destruction of satan’s diabolical power.

thus he will be bound and cast into hell, and the gates of the abyss will be shut so that he can no longer get out to harm the world, and christ will reign in the world.

the glorious reign of christ will coincide with the triumph of the eucharistic reign of jesus, because in a purified and sanctified world, completely renewed by love, jesus will be made manifest above all in the mystery of his eucharistic presence.

the eucharist will be the source from which will burst forth all his divine power, and it will become the new sun, which will shed its bright rays in hearts and souls, and then in the life of individuals, families, and nations, making of all one single flock, docile and meek, whose sole shepherd will be jesus.

your heavenly mother is leading you on toward these new heavens and this new earth, a mother who is gathering you today from every part of the world, to prepare you to receive the lord who is coming.