your light will shine
spiritual exercises in the form of a cenacle with the priests of the mmp from oceania
sydney, australia


how happy i am, dear priests of my movement in australia, to see you gathered together here in a continuous cenacle of prayer and brotherhood.

grow in love among yourselves.

live these days with the joy of brothers who meet together, who know each other, love each other, and help each other to walk together along the painful road of these times of the great tribulation.

pray with perseverance and trust.

i am uniting myself with your prayer.

i am close to you to give strength and power to your prayer, so that the holy spirit can come down, with his gifts, upon this cenacle of yours and make you fit for the mission which awaits you.

brighten up the earth in these days of great darkness and be a source of comfort and consolation for all the church, in this time of its great desolation.

your light will shine more and more and will spread throughout all this vast continent of oceania, so ensnared and possessed by my adversary and yours.

your light will shine by way of your priestly witness of faith.

see how the apostasy has spread everywhere how errors are taught and propagated, how the lack of discipline and confusion is increasing.

how many pastors no longer keep watch over the flock entrusted to them and thus many rapacious wolves, in lambs’ clothing, are entering to wreak havoc in the sheepfold of my son jesus.

be the light set on a lamp stand, to draw along the road of truth many of my poor children who are walking in the darkness of error and of the loss of the true faith.

thus, you will be faithful ministers of the gospel and, by means of you, the church, after the painful trial through which it is now living, will once again shed, in all its splendour, the light of christ and of his truth.

your light will shine by way of your priestly witness of holiness.

see how materialism and hedonism are threatening this great country.

the search for pleasure, money, comfort, entertainment, and impurity have become for many the only ideal in life, and thus the little ones are led astray along the path of evil.

youth are drawn into vice and drugs.

families are destroyed by divorce and by the selfish shutting off of the gift of life.

bring back to the house of the father these poor children of mine who have gone astray.

for this, be faithful ministers of grace and holiness, through the ministry of the sacraments which jesus has entrusted to you, above all that of reconciliation.

put yourselves at the disposal of the faithful, to lead them along the way of good and love, of purity and grace, of peace and salvation.

your light will shine by way of your priestly witness of love.

love everyone with the divine heart of jesus and with the tenderness of my motherly love.

see how the world today has become a desert for want of love.

unbridled egoism rules violence and hatred are spreading, indifference has the upper hand in many hearts, become cold and insensitive toward the most needy.

priests consecrated to my immaculate heart, you must be the soothing balm which is placed on every open and bleeding wound.

take the little ones by the hand.

support the weak.

lead the uncertain.

comfort the sick.

save the lost.

convert the sinners.

give confidence to the despairing.

go out to meet those who are far away and bring them, in your priestly arms, into the safe refuge of my immaculate heart.

in this way, you become the instruments of the triumph of my immaculate heart in the world.

go out from this cenacle and go to every part of this most vast continent to brighten up the earth with the light of your faith, of your holiness, and of your love.

i am always with you.

as a mother, i follow you on your journey and i am close to you, to give you help and comfort.

with your dear ones, and with those persons who are entrusted to your care, i bless you all in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit.