on the rock of the apostolic faith
feast of the chair of saint peter
spiritual exercises in the form of a cenacle with the priests of the mmp from latin america
bogota, colombia


beloved sons, priests consecrated to my immaculate heart, how happy i am to see you gathered here, in a continuous cenacle of prayer and fraternity.

i am present in your midst.

i give strength to your prayer.

i deepen your unity.

i help you to grow in mutual love, to the point of making you one single heart and one single soul.

i obtain for you the gift of the holy spirit, who descends upon you to confirm you in your priestly ministry and make you apostles of the second evangelisation.

let your preaching be founded on the rock of the apostolic faith, that you may become courageous witnesses of faith, in these times of the great apostasy.

do not become troubled when you see that today errors are becoming openly taught, spread and followed.

never become discouraged.

be faithful ministers of the gospel of christ, by proclaiming all the truths of the catholic faith and thus you will become lights lit upon a lamp stand, burning torches set upon the mountain tops, to throw light upon these times of great darkness.

let your witness of unity and of ecclesial communion be based on the rock of the apostolic faith.

peter has received from jesus the task of being the foundation of the church and of confirming the entire church in the truth of the gospel.

the pope is the successor of peter in this, his ministry of being the foundation of the unity of the church and infallible guardian of its truth.

be today witnesses of love for, and of unity with, the pope.

bring the flock which has been entrusted to you to this unity, so that very soon there may be but one single flock under one single shepherd.

love, support and assist your bishops in their difficult and wearying ministry.

let your priestly holiness flourish on the rock of the apostolic faith.

be thus faithful ministers of the sacraments which have been entrusted to you.

above all be assiduous in that ministry which is so precious and so neglected today, namely that of reconciliation.

make the eucharistic jesus the centre of your prayer, the sun of your life, the love of your entire priestly life.

begin once again to hold hours of public eucharistic adoration, so that jesus may bring his reign of holiness and life into hearts and souls.

in this way you become a soothing balm which is placed on the open and bleeding wounds of your holy mother the church.

she will thus be made aware, by means of you, of my motherly comfort and will be assisted in continuing along the painful way of these last times, so that she may give her perfect witness to jesus.

my light will shine forth more and more throughout all this great continent of latin america, which loves me so very much and which enjoys a special protection on the part of your heavenly mother.

with your dear ones, and with all those who have been entrusted to your ministry, i bless you in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit.