let your trust be great
spiritual exercises in the form of a cenacle with the priests of the mmp from mexico and el salvador
lago de gaudalupe, mexico


how happy i am to see you, priests of my movement from mexico and el salvador, gathered here in a continuous cenacle of prayer and fraternity.

i unite myself with your prayer.

i help you to grow in your mutual love, because you must walk together along the painful road of the great tribulation.

love each other as so many brothers bound together in the love of your heavenly mother.

live in joy and hope.

let your trust be great.

jesus loves you with a divine and merciful love.

he sees your great difficulties and the abandonment in which you often find yourselves, because of the painful and difficult times in which you are living.

your countries have again become pagan.

they are being dominated by the forces of evil and masonry.

they have become victims of materialism and of the unbridled search for pleasure.

the law of the lord is becoming more and more violated, in respect to every one of his commandments.

the gift of life is being attacked in a subtle and perverse way.

violence and hatred are disseminated, while impurity is spreading like a poison which brings death to hearts and souls.

you are being called to be the instruments of divine mercy for all this poor humanity, so far from god.

for this reason, i ask you to be faithful to your ministry.

be strong witnesses of faith in the time of the great apostasy of holiness in the moments of the great perversion and of love in the hour of violence and hatred, which is becoming stronger and stronger from day to day.

let your trust be great.

i am a mother and i want to spread the balm of my motherly love upon all my children.

i have need of you, and so i ask you to consecrate yourselves to my immaculate heart, because i want to make of you instruments of my motherly mercy.

take my most needy children in your priestly arms and bring them into the heavenly refuge of my immaculate heart.

support the weak, lead the hesitant, convert the sinners, heal the sick, comfort the despairing, bring those far away into the house of the father, give to all the balm of my motherly and merciful love.

in this way, you become the precious instruments of the triumph of my immaculate heart in the world.

let your trust be great.

the triumph of my immaculate heart is near.

i am consoled by the response of love and prayer which, in this country, i am receiving from the littlest, the poor, the weak, the humble, the simple.

in the heart and the life of these, my little children, the triumph of my immaculate heart has already begun.

this triumph will continue in an increasingly stronger way, because latin america is my possession and belongs to me, and i will manifest myself to all, as a powerful and merciful mother.

for this reason, i invite you to leave this cenacle in peace, in joy and with a great hope.

with your dear ones and with those who are entrusted to your ministry, i bless you all in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit.