apostles of the last times
feast of the immaculate conception
santiago, dominican republic


you find yourself here, my little son, to hold a cenacle with the bishops, priests and faithful of my movement, on this day when the church celebrates the solemnity of my immaculate conception.

the most holy trinity has filled my entire being with this singular privilege, because i was destined to be the mother of the word, become man in my most pure womb.

in view of my divine maternity, i have been preserved from original sin and from every shadow of personal sin, and i have been filled with grace and holiness.

because i am the mother of jesus, i have been intimately associated in the mystery of his work of redemption, as co-redemptrix, and have thus become true mediatrix of grace between you and my son


beneath the cross, through the will of my son, i have become mother of you all, and in the cenacle with the apostles, i have participated as mother in the birth of the church.

my motherly task is that of leading the church along the way of its evangelisation, and so i have always been at the side of each of my children who, through two thousand years, have brought the announcement of the gospel to every part of the world.

precisely on this day, you are celebrating here the five hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the evangelisation of all this great continent of america.

after nearly two thousand years since the first announcing of the gospel, humanity has again become pagan.

i am the mother of the second evangelisation.

mine is the task of forming the apostles of the second evangelisation.

during these years, i have formed you with particular care and through the gift of my words, to be the apostles of these last times.

apostles of the last times, because you must announce to all, to the very ends of the earth, the gospel of jesus, in these days of the great apostasy.

in the great darkness which has descended upon the world, spread the light of christ and of his divine truth.

apostles of the last times, because you must give to all the very life of god, by means of grace which you communicate with the sacraments of which you are the ministers, and thus you spread the fragrance of purity and of holiness in these times of great perversion.

apostles of the last times, because you are being called to bring down the dew of the merciful love of jesus upon a world parched by the inability to love and menaced more and more with hatred, violence and war.

apostles of the last times, because you must announce the closely approaching return of jesus in glory, who will lead humanity into the new times, when at last there will be seen new heavens and a new earth.

proclaim to all his forthcoming return,

‘maranatha, come lord jesus.’