my victory
feast of our lady of the holy rosary
uruacu, goias, brasil


i am the queen of the holy rosary.

i am the queen of victories.

the task which has been entrusted to me by the most holy trinity is that of directing the battle and leading to victory the cohort of the children of god who are fighting against the powerful army of the slaves of satan and of the spirits of evil.

‘i will put enmity between you and the woman, between your offspring and her offspring.

she will crush your head and you will he in wait for her heel.’ (genesis 3, 15)

each day i am carrying forward this struggle and attaining my victory.

my victory takes place in the hearts of all my children who consecrate themselves to my immaculate heart and allow themselves to be formed and led by me as little children.

i open up these hearts to the purity of love and in this way i am able to achieve the victory over every form of egotism, of hatred and of violence, and to spread everywhere the sweet perfume of divine charity.

my victory is being achieved in the souls who are being assisted by me in fighting against and in conquering every form of sin.

the souls of my children, enlightened by grace and in possession of divine life, sing with me the perennial magnificat of perfect glory to the most holy trinity.

my victory is being accomplished in the church, which i enlighten with my faith, assist with my presence and comfort with my motherly tenderness.

i myself am leading her by the hand, in this time of the purification, toward her greatest splendour which will re-clothe her, making of her the greatest light for all the nations of the


my victory takes place each day over this poor humanity, which is so sick and far from god and which has wanted to build a new civilisation without him.

i am opening up new roads for its return to the lord, who awaits it with the love of a father.

i am calling my little children to become instruments of salvation for all, and thus, in silence and hiddenness, i am preparing each day and spreading among you the reign of god.

my complete victory will come about with the triumph of my immaculate heart in the world.

then the miracle of divine mercy, in the power of the holy spirit, will renew the face of the earth and it will again become a fragrant and precious garden in which the most holy trinity will be pleased to be reflected and will receive from the whole created universe its greatest glory.