paradise is united with earth
feast of all saints
pouso alegre, minas gerais, brasil


continue this marvellous journey of yours, my little son, and respond to the mission which i have entrusted to you.

see everywhere the triumph of my immaculate heart which i am carrying forward, now in an increasingly powerful way, in hearts and souls.

paradise is united with earth.

in my immaculate heart there takes place each day for you, the meeting with your brothers and sisters who have preceded you up here and are now enjoying the eternal happiness of the saints.

in the light of the most holy trinity, they contemplate my plan and the vision of the full triumph of christ, who will at last form new heavens and a new earth, causes their joy to increase.

paradise is united with earth in a great communion of prayer, which ascends from all my children, that jesus might hasten his return in glory and all the world be transformed into that wonderful garden of grace and holiness, where the most holy trinity may once again be pleased to be reflected.

paradise is united with earth in forming one single cohort, whose heavenly leader i am, to wage the most important part of the battle against satan and all the forces of evil, and to achieve my greatest victory.

paradise is united with earth, now that you are living through the conclusive period of the purification and the great tribulation.

thus the saints of heaven are casting light on your lives, are coming to your assistance with their powerful aid, are defending you against the subtle snares of my adversary, are leading you by the

hand along the road of holiness, in the trembling expectation of associating you also one day in their eternal happiness.

for this reason, i invite you today to live the joyous experience of the communion of saints.

in this way, you receive strength and courage to overcome the moments of the trial and from paradise, the painful road, along which all must journey to cross the bright threshold of hope, becomes brightened up for you.

paradise is united with earth in the heavenly garden of my immaculate heart because, with its triumph, there will descend from heaven the dew of divine mercy, which will bring all the world to a new life.