open the doors to christ
solemnity of the immaculate conception
vacallo, switzerland


look today at the heavenly splendour of your immaculate mother, and let yourselves be drawn, each and all, by the waves of my sweet fragrance.

i am the immaculate conception.

i am all beautiful, tota pulchra.

i am the living tabernacle of the most holy trinity, where the father is everlastingly glorified, the son perfectly loved, and the holy spirit fully possessed.

i am the door which opens upon your salvation.

my motherly task is that of preparing you to receive my son who is coming.

open the doors to christ.

jesus has come into your midst on the day of his earthly birth, by means of me, his virginal mother, in order to become your saviour and your sole redeemer.

contemplate him with purity of heart and with a look of love, at the moment when he is born of me and placed in a manger, feeling the rigours of the cold and the chill of a world which ignores and rejects him.

this little child, who is crying god-with-us, is the redeemer of the world, is the only saviour.

without him, it is not possible for man to find salvation.

open the doors to christ.

open the doors of your mind, to receive his divine word with humility and docility.

in the deep darkness which envelops the minds of a humanity submerged in errors,

only his word brings you the light of truth.

make the announcement of his gospel shine forth in the world.

carry out the task of a new evangelisation which has been entrusted to you.

bring, once again today, his word to the poor, the sinners, the sick, the prisoners, so that they may all walk in the light of the truth.

open the doors to christ.

open the doors of your soul, to receive him in a worthy manner, at the moment when he communicates himself to you under the eucharistic species.

it is jesus in his divine person, with his glorious body and his divinity, whom you receive when you approach holy communion.

you must prepare in your souls a dwelling place which should be worthy of him.

for this reason, i urge you to flee from sin, to not allow yourselves to become possessed by sin, to live always in the grace and love of god.

if ever it should happen that you fall into mortal sin, sacramental confession is necessary before receiving holy communion.

today my heart bleeds to see how sacrilegious communions are spreading more and more because many come to receive jesus in the eucharist in a state of mortal sin, without having gone to confession.

therefore, let your souls be filled with grace arid holiness, so that you may receive jesus in a worthy manner when he gives himself to you in the sacrament of his love.

open the doors to christ.

open the doors of your heart, that you may welcome him with the firmness of your love.

jesus brings you to the perfection of love.

he loves in you by means of you, his love spreads to all.

he wants to love each person whom you meet along your way.

by means of you, his divine charity spreads, and thus you become the instruments of the triumph of his merciful love.

open the doors to christ.

open the doors of your life to christ when he returns in the splendour of his glory.

the christian life must be ever oriented to this expectation, and so i invite you to live in trust and in a great hope.

let yourselves be carried with filial abandonment in the arms of your heavenly father.

then, each day of this painful time will be lived by you in serenity and joy, because the sufferings of the present moment are not comparable to the glory which awaits you, when christ will manifest himself and you will see him as he is, in the blazing light of his divine splendour.